My Name Is Khan

“My name is Khan. Shahrukh Khan!”
“Detain him!”

That brief conversation is what must have taken place before Shahrukh Khan was detained at an American airport a few years ago. It seems that my husband, Roshan Jamal Khan, must have got caught in a similar situation.

The surname “Khan” was the decisive factor for the detention of Shahrukh Khan in the US. It seems to have been so even in my husband’s case in Barcelona.

A person with a Muslim name is suspect. But, one with a surname as Khan is more suspect. If a surname can make people of the materially developed world so prejudiced, then it comes as no surprise that they are so biased against our traditions & cultures of which they have little or no knowledge at all.

Though the West has explored the moon & space, it still has to explore the traditions & cultures of the East on this Earth. Though developed in materials, its mind has got stunted due to the cobwebs of barbaric Dark Ages that has still not cleared. The West has not yet come out of the Dark Ages of its mind.

A rose by any other name can smell as good and a bush by any other name can be as sinister.

Despite the prejudices of the materially developed world, my husband proudly proclaims: My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist, a non-Mumbaikar, or an unpatriotic Indian.

P.S.: A press conference will be held before the publication of the next post containing startling new facts on the case.


Anonymous said...

my name is khan but i m not terrorist

Anonymous said...

all r khan,s not tettorist

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