Freedom To Celebrate

Time flies by. Days pass. Age increases and the remaining period of life decreases. But, still people say “many happy returns of the day” to wish a person on a birthday. This may be as people want birthdays to be celebrated every year forever & ever without any end to it. Though, the stark reality is that with each return of this celebrated day, the end also comes nearer. People should become aware that the deadline is fast approaching and they have less time to fulfill their wishes, ambitions etc. It should be a day for contemplation. People should worry about completing tasks rather than celebrating the depletion of their lifetime.

Roshan Jamal Khan completes 52 years of his life today out of which 2 ½ have been wasted in a Spanish jail. Celebrating a birthday in jail is not what any person would like to do – not even a jailor, who would rather celebrate with family & friends than with inmates in his charge. With six young children still studying, Roshan Jamal Khan has an enormous task at hand to complete. And, with two birthdays being spent in jail, we would not like to wish him "many happy returns of the day" today. Instead, we pray to Allah that he provides us an opportunity to celebrate his freedom very soon. Amen!