Indo-European Farce

Leave alone releasing Roshan Jamal Khan on parole to celebrate Eid, the Spanish government didn’t even bother to reply to the pleas made by Roshan's family to release him on parole to visit his seriously ill father.

Roshan Jamal Khan had completed more than 3 years in a Spanish prison in a case where no crime was committed nor was the intention to commit any crime (conspiracy) charge upheld by the Spanish Supreme Court.

A few weeks later, after the death of Roshan's father, his family again pleaded with the Spanish government to release him on parole so that he could complete his father’s death rituals. They didn’t receive any reply again.

Contrast this against the release of Italian sailors – who had killed two fishermen – to celebrate Christmas. Can this be said to be the magnanimity of the Indian government or plain foolishness? Or, is it because the Indian government is controlled by an Italian remote control? Or, may be the Italians made an offer that the Italian remote control in India couldn’t refuse. Did anyone whisper Agusta?

Whatever it was – an offer or plain foolishness – all the three governments should know that “there is a Higher Authority who rules the destiny of men” and as such all are subjected to the divine laws above which is no man or woman.