A Few Good Men

At the outset, I would like to apologise for the delay in publishing this post containing the names of the journalists who helped us a lot by making the public as well as all concerned authorities aware of the injustice meted out to my brother, Roshan Jamal Khan, in Spain.

The sympathetic reporting by these journalists is a debt that cannot be repaid by us. Besides, highlighting the injustice of the Spanish Government, these journalists have also highlighted the indifference of the Indian Government in securing the release of its law-abiding citizen.

Nevertheless, the continued support of these men & women, who are truly the custodians of righteousness in this age, may, Insha Allah, succeed in securing the release of my brother.

It’s not just Tom Cruise and Demi Moore who can claim to be “A Few Good Men”, but the following journos can also lay claim to be A Few Good Men and Women also :

Indian Express
  • Parnab Dhal Samanta

  • Sagnik Chowdhury

  • Neeraj Priyadarshi

  • Amitabh Sinha

  • Anubhuti Vishnoi

  • Aishwarya Iyer

  • Swatee Kher

  • Pradip Dal
The Times of India
  • Mateen Hafeez

  • Anahita Mukherjee

  • Archana Sharma

  • Mohammad Wajihuddin

  • Manju V

  • Tejal Pandey
Hindustan Times
  • Stavan Desai

  • Vignesh Iyer

  • Alifiya Khan

  • Hemant Padalkar

  • Kunal Patil

  • Ritesh Uttam Chandani
Mumbai Mirror
  • Anand Holla

  • Deeptiman Tiwary
  • Vinod Kumar Menon

  • Ketan Ranga
  • Ashwini Shende
Navbharat Times
  • Sachin Tripathi
Press Trust of India
  • Sunanda Parmeshwar

  • Sunil Shivdasani
  • Shahid Lateef

  • Kazim Shaikh

  • Abdulhai Ansari
Urdu Times
  • Farooq Ansari

  • Shakil Rashid
Rashtriya Sahara
  • Aziz Barhi

  • Wasim Sanjar
  • Sarfaraz Arzoo
  • Raziq Khan
  • Quaid Najmi
List of electronic media will be published next followed by a list of its journalists.