The Last Lap

In the first week of August and the second one of the holy month of Ramadan, we received the glad tidings of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) admitting Roshan Jamal Khan’s case. The ECHR sought all the details relating to the case including decisions of the Spanish courts. It also sought details of all the violations of the European Convention Human Rights committed by Spain.

It has to be mentioned here that the rules of ECHR are very strict for admitting any case so as to prevent frivolous cases from being filed by unscrupulous elements so that genuine cases don’t suffer due to the backlog thus created. But, it is these very rules that raise our hopes of getting justice as they convey that Roshan Jamal Khan’s case has been considered as a genuine one justifying a hearing by the ECHR.

The rights and freedoms granted by the articles of the European Convention of Human Rights have also increased our hopes of getting justice. Roshan Jamal Khan’s victory in ECHR will not only prove his innocence, but will also bare the truth making it clear as crystal.

Now that ECHR has admitted our case, we fear that Spain may try to circumvent the laws of European Convention of Human Rights to get away from being penalised for violating so many articles of human rights granted by it. But try as much as it can, Spain can never get away for such outrageous violations of human rights and freedoms.

Despite Spain being a tourist country, its financial position is in doldrums. Its banks are getting bankrupt. Without the help of a financial package, it would have sunk in the Mediterranean by now. There is unemployment all around – the whole of Spain is in chaos. Even the weather has turned hostile this summer. The curse of Almighty Allah has fallen upon it.

Although, we have already acknowledged our gratitude to the world-wide media, we once again thank them, especially Indian print & electronic media, for their continued support that provided us the strength to continue our fight against injustice.