Brilliant Legal Directors

Though this post has been delayed, it should not mean that it was not thought of before. Since quite a few months, we had wanted to acknowledge the help provided by the legal fraternity in our fight for justice. Through this post, we wish to express our gratitude to all those men & women of law who provided their assistance and are still lending us their legal expertise in getting Roshan Jamal Khan acquitted with dignity.

The advice provided by Mumbai High Court advocates – Adv. N. U. Khan, Adv. Sharad Jani, Adv. Usman Chishti & Adv. Chandra Naik – was very important. We wish to thank all of them.

Special thanks go to famous criminal advocate Majeed Memon and advocate Mihir Desai for their legal analysis of the case that was published in The Times of India. The legal dissection of the case by these two stalwarts of law redeemed our dignity in the society. Many thanks to both the advocates once again.

We would also like to express our gratitude to well-known advocate Parvez Ubhare of Mumbai High Court who was instrumental in arranging two press conferences and providing all the legal aspects of the case to the media which were very important to clear all doubts about the case. We thank advocate Ubhare and look forward to his continued support as we believe that a much bigger role is to be played by him in this case.

A note of regret would seem to be out of place in this post. But, things would have been quite different if we had taken the advice of prominent advocate Ms. Nandita Rao of Delhi High Court. The verdict would have been favourable to us if we had acted upon her advice. But, our fear due to some compelling reasons stopped her midway in her noble intentions of helping us. We apologize to Ms. Nandita Rao for our impropriety and thank her and all her Mumbai colleagues including advocate Mr. Sethi of Delhi High Court. Insha Allah, Ms. Nandita Rao’s brave efforts will be detailed if ever we publish a book on this case after the acquittal of Roshan Jamal Khan.

Finally, the men on the front who put up a brave defence – our Spanish advocates. We appreciate the hard work that Mr. Benet Salellas Vilar, Mr. Jacobo Teijolo Casanova & their team put in to demolish the case of the prosecution. We also appreciate their quick appeal in the Spanish Supreme Court after the decision of the High Court. We would like to express our gratitude to all of them and expect the august Supreme Court of Spain will undo the injustice that has been perpetuated on us.

Before concluding, we would like to pay our respects to the soul of advocate late Mr. Sabatillan Salellas Vilar who not only took up our case but also offered his services for much lower fees than he usually charges as he believed that all the accused are innocent. May his soul rest in peace.

Although, we were dejected after the High Court decision but we never lost hope. We will continue our fight for justice under the brilliant direction and guidance of all the above mentioned experts of law. Insha Allah, truth shall prevail.

P. S. : We welcome the President of United States of America, Hon’ble Barack Obama, to India. It would have been better if Mr. Barack Obama had released one of our innocent Indian students, Mr. Vikram Buddhi, as a Diwali gift to 1 billion Indians. Never mind the lapse, we request the kind President to release him now as a Christmas gift. Hope Uncle Sam will not disappoint us.