Reality Show

With the explosion of the electronic media, the attention span of viewers has reduced a lot. In part, the remote control is also to be blamed. 15 minutes of fame has been reduced to 15 seconds. But, who would like even 15 seconds of fame in times of tragedy? No one would like it and certainly not the victim or his family.

No person would like any misfortune to visit him just to seek his 15 seconds of fame. But, the electronic media is not just a channel to fame through reality shows. It is also a channel for reality shows of a different kind. It helps victims of tragedies to air their grievances and highlights the injustices done to them. It is a watchdog of the society.

In our time of distress, the electronic media did not provide us with 15 seconds of fame but, gave us more than 15 minutes of respect & dignity that the Spanish authorities tried deprive. I respectfully acknowledge my gratitude to the following TV channels for upholding our honour :

  • Prachi Jatania

  • Toral Varia

  • Prerna Thakur Desai

  • Rashmi Rajput

Times Now
  • Puja Jurmania
  • Prasanna D. Zore

  • Firdos S. Ashraf
News X INX News
  • Rana S. Shaikh

India TV
  • Prakash Tiwari
Sahara News
  • Rahul Asthana
BBC (Urdu)
  • Rehana Bastiwala

  • Aasim Khan

  • Urmila Dethe

Live India
  • Sanjay Prasad

News 9
  • Suresh Shintre

  • Vinod Kamble