Lonely Planet

After the death of Roshan Jamal Khan’s father, Babu Peshkar Khan, on Wednesday, 28th September, 2011, this world turned into a lonely planet for his mother, Khatmunissa. She followed her husband to his heavenly abode two days later on Friday, September 30, 2011.

We pray to Allah that no person should be so ill-fated as to lose both the parents within two days and not be able to attend their last rites. It is even more tragic that Roshan has to mourn the deaths of his parents alone in solitary confinement in a far away foreign land.

The love bond that Roshan’s parents shared with each other was so strong that one could not live without the other. In fact, love is in abundance in Roshan’s family. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that a person coming from such a lovely family can ever have evil intentions to destroy human lives which Roshan has been accused of. Intentions of matadors are evil, not of the bull that is gored to death while defending itself.

Khatmunissa was going to perform Hajj this year. Her application was also approved by the Hajj committee. She had prepared for the Hajj journey, but it seems that Allah decided that she should undertake the journey to meet Him. May Allah grant her the reward for performing Hajj with everlasting, heavenly life!


Waiting for Son, Death Arrived

Roshan Jamal Khan’s father, Babu Peshkar Khan, spread the milk of compassion & humanity in his locality throughout his life through his milk dairy. He was 88 years old. He quit managing his dairy in April this year when he fell ill. His family doctor had given up hope.

Fearing the worst, we requested the Spanish Government through the Spanish Ambassador to grant parole to Roshan Jamal Khan so that his father could meet him before leaving for his heavenly abode. As Roshan had completed more than 3 years of his 6 year sentence and was to be deported to India soon, we expected the Spanish Government to show some mercy by granting the parole. We had also assured them of his return to Spain to complete the deportation formalities. But, regret to say that hearts of the matadors remained true to their reputation of cruelty. It is sadder to know that animal rights organization do more to secure mercy for animals than human rights organizations do for human rights violations.

Waiting to hug his son, Roshan Jamal Khan, who has been wrongly imprisoned in Spain, death embraced Babu Peshkar Khan on 28-9-11. May Allah grant him peace through everlasting, heavenly life!


World Cup for Human Rights Violations

Congratulations to the Indian cricket team for winning the World Cup. It was a marvelous Saturday night when the Indian cricket team captain, M. S. Dhoni, played a captain’s knock to steer India to glory by lobbing the cricket ball out of the ground for a six to win the tournament and become the champions of the world of cricket.

India is the world champion in cricket whereas Spain is the world champion in football – both are the most popular sports of the world with a large fan following. Sportsmen of these two sports are given the status of demigods ruling the hearts & minds of the masses. They have immense power to annihilate opponents on the battle ground of the game. But, they have to follow the strict rules of the battle to engage in it. If any dishonest means are employed in this battle then the players are considered as incompetent & bad sportsmen.

The champions of these two sports were competent and good. They showed the world that without abusing the power they have and playing strictly by the rules they can still win the game. One wishes that those vested with real powers of the world could emulate these sportsmen and play by the rules instead of abusing their powers and using devious means to achieve their goals. Though, India and Spain are Champions of the World in cricket & football respectively, it is very unfortunate that they are not Champions of Human Rights. In fact, they should be awarded the World Cup for Human Rights Violations.


Surprises Galore!

The minimum sentence of a terror accused in Spain is 8 ½ years. Hence, it is surprising that the Supreme Court of Spain has reduced the sentence of 8 ½ years, handed down to Roshan Jamal Khan by the High Court, to 6 years. This proves that the terror charge against him is false.

Roshan Jamal Khan has been sentenced for associating with a terror group on the basis of an allegation of a faceless voice that does not even utters Roshan Jamal Khan’s name during his testimony.

The hearing of the appeal against the High Court verdict took place on 15-12-2010. The hearing went on for hardly 2 hours. The verdict was given on 29-12-2010 which is also surprising as it was Christmas vacation. It seems that the hearing was just a charade. Everything seems to have been premeditated. In fact, our advocate had also given this hint to Roshan Jamal Khan as well as us at this sort of judgment in his e-mail to us and was afraid that political pressure might influence the Supreme Court decision.

More surprising is the callous attitude of the Government of India. Despite the clear injustice and blatant violation of human rights, the Indian Embassy in Spain and the Ministry of External Affairs remained a mute spectator. Far from helping us in our legal battle, the Government of India did not even bother to monitor our case. This is in sharp contrast to our government’s swift move to allow the European Union’s delegation of 8 members to monitor Dr. Binayak Sen’s case.

It is also strange that the European Union has taken it upon itself to monitor a case in Asia – an Indian being prosecuted by the Indian authorities in India – while it has turned a blind eye to the injustice done in Europe by a European country to an Asian (Indian). It seems the European Union is suffering from presbyopia. We wish that the European Union would focus on Roshan Jamal Khan’s case and help him to get justice.

Except for the kind cooperation and continued support of the fourth estate that gave us the moral courage to continue our fight against injustice, not a single human rights organization provided any help to us despite seeking it. The Amnesty International meekly expressed its helplessness while the UNHRC never cared to reply.

Although the decision of the Supreme Court of Spain revolts against justice and fair play, we have not given up hope and resolve to fight against the tyranny of the false fight against terrorism that actually terrorizes common people. Insha Allah, truth & justice shall prevail.