Olive Branch from Spain

Roshan Jamal Khan went to Spain in September 2007 to explore trade opportunities in olives. But, little did he know that his desire to do business in olives – the branch of which is a symbol of peace – would tag him as a trader of terror and land him in a prison.

Born & brought up in one of the most cosmopolitan areas of Mumbai, Roshan Jamal Khan graduated from the prestigious St. Xavier’s College.

St. Xavier's College
A 4-year stint as a tour operator in Boodai Aviations in Kuwait earned him the appreciation of the US embassy over there besides his employer’s.

US Embassy
After returning from Kuwait, Roshan Jamal Khan established his trading company, Tauheed Overseas. A fitness freak and a connoisseur of food, olive was a natural choice for trade. But, the choice of the region to import it from has proved to be disastrous.

A father of six young children aged between 8 and 17, Roshan Jamal Khan is lonely in solitary confinement since a year. Meanwhile, far away in India, his family awaits a dove to fly in with an olive branch from Spain.