Conspiracy Vs Conspiracy – Spanish Turmoil

“Thousands protest in Spain's capital over government austerity measures”

“Spain is falling apart like house of cards”

These are just a couple of headlines from a couple of newspapers. Google “protests in Spain” and you will find numerous others expressing the sorry state of affairs of Spain. Protests and rallies against austerity measures, unemployment and recession have become a regular feature of Spain. All the world over these tragic events are being highlighted. Tragic for the people of Spain. But, not for the shameful, Spanish government.

Spain is going through a very rough period. Arrogance, deception, ineptitude and recession has brought this arrogant, tourist country down on its knees. It is roaming, or rather, crawling around with a begging bowl to survive. If it had not been for the crutch of a few generous alms, Spain would have already fallen apart like a pack of cards.

The wrath of God seems to have befallen Spain. In 2008, it conspired against a few religious men and put them in jail. The Spanish conspiracy was to arrest a few religious men and label them as terrorist so that it could get some money from the US for its false fight against terrorism. Though, Spain succeeded in arresting and imprisoning the men, it seems that it did not get the prize for its false fight against terror.

The arrested men were helpless against the conspiracy of the arrogant Spanish government. Now, Almighty Allah seems to have conspired against Spain by hatching a plot with its own people to teach a lesson to the sly and scheming Spanish government. It seems to be a conspiracy of Allah versus the conspiracy of Spain. Not only is Spain broke but, Allah may break its back soon by seceding Catalonia from it. That will truly make it fall apart like a house of cards. Amen to that.


The Last Lap

In the first week of August and the second one of the holy month of Ramadan, we received the glad tidings of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) admitting Roshan Jamal Khan’s case. The ECHR sought all the details relating to the case including decisions of the Spanish courts. It also sought details of all the violations of the European Convention Human Rights committed by Spain.

It has to be mentioned here that the rules of ECHR are very strict for admitting any case so as to prevent frivolous cases from being filed by unscrupulous elements so that genuine cases don’t suffer due to the backlog thus created. But, it is these very rules that raise our hopes of getting justice as they convey that Roshan Jamal Khan’s case has been considered as a genuine one justifying a hearing by the ECHR.

The rights and freedoms granted by the articles of the European Convention of Human Rights have also increased our hopes of getting justice. Roshan Jamal Khan’s victory in ECHR will not only prove his innocence, but will also bare the truth making it clear as crystal.

Now that ECHR has admitted our case, we fear that Spain may try to circumvent the laws of European Convention of Human Rights to get away from being penalised for violating so many articles of human rights granted by it. But try as much as it can, Spain can never get away for such outrageous violations of human rights and freedoms.

Despite Spain being a tourist country, its financial position is in doldrums. Its banks are getting bankrupt. Without the help of a financial package, it would have sunk in the Mediterranean by now. There is unemployment all around – the whole of Spain is in chaos. Even the weather has turned hostile this summer. The curse of Almighty Allah has fallen upon it.

Although, we have already acknowledged our gratitude to the world-wide media, we once again thank them, especially Indian print & electronic media, for their continued support that provided us the strength to continue our fight against injustice.


The Fight Against Terror Drill

After the Constitutional Court of Spain refused to admit our plea, we approached the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) for justice. Since we approached the ECHR, the Spanish authorities have lost their sleep. Knowing fully well that their case cannot stand scrutiny in an independent court, they have started resorting to ridiculous ways to sabotage the case.

Since the last few months, Roshan Jamal Khan is being subjected to racial slurs. His religion is also being subjected to insults. He is also asked inappropriate questions about his religious belief. He is being subjected to mental torture to break his brave, fighting spirit.

Recently, the Spanish police authorities took photos of him in the prison with the books and magazines that he reads. Roshan Jamal Khan just cannot read inflammatory articles or crime novels as all the books and magazines are scrutinized by the prison authorities before being given to the prisoners. And, how does it concern the police authorities when the highest court of Spain has closed the case by sentencing Roshan Jamal Khan? How can the police probe a person once he has been sentenced? Or, do the police authorities want to post pictures on Facebook?

Earlier, the prison authorities had returned his legal case file that was sent to him by post from Spain itself citing security reasons. What could his case file have endangered is beyond common sense? Even the small, religious booklets sent to him from India, to provide answers to all the inappropriate questions about our religion, was returned.

A word of appreciation for the exemplary, apathetic attitude of the Indian embassy and the Indian Government wouldn’t be out of place here. Leave alone raising even a whimper of protest or helping Roshan Jamal Khan, the Indian Government did not even think it worthwhile to monitor the proceedings in the court.

It was only once that an Indian diplomat visited Roshan Jamal Khan in prison – in February 2011 after the Spanish Supreme Court judgment. That also was to rub salt into his wounds. The diplomat asked Roshan Jamal Khan who was paying for his legal defense. Roshan Jamal Khan told the diplomat that this question was irrelevant now. He said that it would have been better had the diplomat at least come for the hearings if not provided legal help. Thereafter, there was no other visit by any Indian diplomat. The question that comes to mind is what prevented the Indian Government from helping its citizen when its own investigative agencies (CBI & ATS) had given a clean chit to Roshan Jamal Khan? Why has it remained a mute spectator to the plight of Roshan Jamal Khan caught in the fight against terror drill?

All agencies involved in falsely implicating Roshan Jamal Khan in this terror case seem to have panicked after we approached ECHR for justice and are trying to save their skins. But, in panic, they will surely commit more blunders that will expose their phony fight against terrorism.


Wishing A Happy New Year for Justice

The Spanish Supreme Court had absolved Roshan Jamal Khan of all terror charges except the charge of associating with a terror group and reduced the sentence of 8 ½ years to 6 (see Surprises Galore!) . Consequently, we approached the Constitutional Court. The Constitutional Court refused to admit our plea. It took nearly a year for the Constitutional Court to refuse our plea. This has prolonged the incarceration of Roshan Jamal Khan to 4 years. It seems that the Spanish authorities deliberately used delaying tactics to prolong Roshan’s stay in prison.

One of the finest examples of upholding the supremacy of law and justice was provided by Australia in the Dr. Mohammad Haneef case. Though the case related to terrorism, Australia did not use the glamorous pretext of fight against terrorism to terrorise any person without any substantial and concrete evidence. It restored Dr. Haneef's honour and compensated him for wrongly implicating him. European countries that pride themselves on being more liberal and progressive than other countries should learn some lessons from Australia and emulate it in matters of justice and human rights.

It is also distressing to note that the Indian Embassy and the Ministry of External Affairs of India have still not cared to provide any help to its citizen. Despite the several pleas made to them, the Ministry of External Affairs has not even bothered to direct the Indian Embassy in Spain to at least monitor the case.

After the Spanish Supreme Court judgement last year, we had approached the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). But, ECHR refused to admit our plea as one of their rules stipulates that the petitioner should exhaust all options of justice available in the country of the dispute before appealing to them. We, therefore, had to approach the Spanish Constitutional Court early this year.

Now that the Spanish Constitutional Court has refused to admit our plea, we intend to approach ECHR again for justice and wish it will be a Happy New Year for justice and Roshan Jamal Khan.