World Cup for Human Rights Violations

Congratulations to the Indian cricket team for winning the World Cup. It was a marvelous Saturday night when the Indian cricket team captain, M. S. Dhoni, played a captain’s knock to steer India to glory by lobbing the cricket ball out of the ground for a six to win the tournament and become the champions of the world of cricket.

India is the world champion in cricket whereas Spain is the world champion in football – both are the most popular sports of the world with a large fan following. Sportsmen of these two sports are given the status of demigods ruling the hearts & minds of the masses. They have immense power to annihilate opponents on the battle ground of the game. But, they have to follow the strict rules of the battle to engage in it. If any dishonest means are employed in this battle then the players are considered as incompetent & bad sportsmen.

The champions of these two sports were competent and good. They showed the world that without abusing the power they have and playing strictly by the rules they can still win the game. One wishes that those vested with real powers of the world could emulate these sportsmen and play by the rules instead of abusing their powers and using devious means to achieve their goals. Though, India and Spain are Champions of the World in cricket & football respectively, it is very unfortunate that they are not Champions of Human Rights. In fact, they should be awarded the World Cup for Human Rights Violations.