Conspiracy Vs Conspiracy – Spanish Turmoil

“Thousands protest in Spain's capital over government austerity measures”

“Spain is falling apart like house of cards”

These are just a couple of headlines from a couple of newspapers. Google “protests in Spain” and you will find numerous others expressing the sorry state of affairs of Spain. Protests and rallies against austerity measures, unemployment and recession have become a regular feature of Spain. All the world over these tragic events are being highlighted. Tragic for the people of Spain. But, not for the shameful, Spanish government.

Spain is going through a very rough period. Arrogance, deception, ineptitude and recession has brought this arrogant, tourist country down on its knees. It is roaming, or rather, crawling around with a begging bowl to survive. If it had not been for the crutch of a few generous alms, Spain would have already fallen apart like a pack of cards.

The wrath of God seems to have befallen Spain. In 2008, it conspired against a few religious men and put them in jail. The Spanish conspiracy was to arrest a few religious men and label them as terrorist so that it could get some money from the US for its false fight against terrorism. Though, Spain succeeded in arresting and imprisoning the men, it seems that it did not get the prize for its false fight against terror.

The arrested men were helpless against the conspiracy of the arrogant Spanish government. Now, Almighty Allah seems to have conspired against Spain by hatching a plot with its own people to teach a lesson to the sly and scheming Spanish government. It seems to be a conspiracy of Allah versus the conspiracy of Spain. Not only is Spain broke but, Allah may break its back soon by seceding Catalonia from it. That will truly make it fall apart like a house of cards. Amen to that.