Surprises Galore!

The minimum sentence of a terror accused in Spain is 8 ½ years. Hence, it is surprising that the Supreme Court of Spain has reduced the sentence of 8 ½ years, handed down to Roshan Jamal Khan by the High Court, to 6 years. This proves that the terror charge against him is false.

Roshan Jamal Khan has been sentenced for associating with a terror group on the basis of an allegation of a faceless voice that does not even utters Roshan Jamal Khan’s name during his testimony.

The hearing of the appeal against the High Court verdict took place on 15-12-2010. The hearing went on for hardly 2 hours. The verdict was given on 29-12-2010 which is also surprising as it was Christmas vacation. It seems that the hearing was just a charade. Everything seems to have been premeditated. In fact, our advocate had also given this hint to Roshan Jamal Khan as well as us at this sort of judgment in his e-mail to us and was afraid that political pressure might influence the Supreme Court decision.

More surprising is the callous attitude of the Government of India. Despite the clear injustice and blatant violation of human rights, the Indian Embassy in Spain and the Ministry of External Affairs remained a mute spectator. Far from helping us in our legal battle, the Government of India did not even bother to monitor our case. This is in sharp contrast to our government’s swift move to allow the European Union’s delegation of 8 members to monitor Dr. Binayak Sen’s case.

It is also strange that the European Union has taken it upon itself to monitor a case in Asia – an Indian being prosecuted by the Indian authorities in India – while it has turned a blind eye to the injustice done in Europe by a European country to an Asian (Indian). It seems the European Union is suffering from presbyopia. We wish that the European Union would focus on Roshan Jamal Khan’s case and help him to get justice.

Except for the kind cooperation and continued support of the fourth estate that gave us the moral courage to continue our fight against injustice, not a single human rights organization provided any help to us despite seeking it. The Amnesty International meekly expressed its helplessness while the UNHRC never cared to reply.

Although the decision of the Supreme Court of Spain revolts against justice and fair play, we have not given up hope and resolve to fight against the tyranny of the false fight against terrorism that actually terrorizes common people. Insha Allah, truth & justice shall prevail.