Lonely Planet

After the death of Roshan Jamal Khan’s father, Babu Peshkar Khan, on Wednesday, 28th September, 2011, this world turned into a lonely planet for his mother, Khatmunissa. She followed her husband to his heavenly abode two days later on Friday, September 30, 2011.

We pray to Allah that no person should be so ill-fated as to lose both the parents within two days and not be able to attend their last rites. It is even more tragic that Roshan has to mourn the deaths of his parents alone in solitary confinement in a far away foreign land.

The love bond that Roshan’s parents shared with each other was so strong that one could not live without the other. In fact, love is in abundance in Roshan’s family. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that a person coming from such a lovely family can ever have evil intentions to destroy human lives which Roshan has been accused of. Intentions of matadors are evil, not of the bull that is gored to death while defending itself.

Khatmunissa was going to perform Hajj this year. Her application was also approved by the Hajj committee. She had prepared for the Hajj journey, but it seems that Allah decided that she should undertake the journey to meet Him. May Allah grant her the reward for performing Hajj with everlasting, heavenly life!