Government of Terror

My husband, Roshan Jamal Khan, completes 2 years of incarceration in a Spanish jail after being arrested from a mosque in Barcelona on January 18, 2008. He was convicted on December 11, 2009, on the charge of associating with terrorist groups.

It’s hard for a middle-class family to survive in times of recession. But, it’s even harder if it loses the sole bread-winner. And, it’s hardest if that sole bread-winner is jailed on a false and fabricated charge. The war against terror has perpetuated terror on innocent people rather than on terrorists.

Love is blind. When you are in love, you lose your capability to think logically. You lose your mind and your heart takes precedent over it causing you to become emotional. The same effect takes place when you are blinded by hatred. Your heart takes precedent over your mind making it lose its capability to think logically. But, the eventual effects are different. Love spreads happiness, while hatred spreads sorrow. But, as love became obscene, the engulfing of the world by hatred was inevitable.

Governments, with all resources at its disposal, can easily create situations beneficial to their scheme of things. They can engineer riots in election year to polarize voters on communal basis. They can also sensationalize terror threats to divert the minds of people from their deficiencies in governance and as such not lose elections. To achieve this purpose, they can easily frame innocents. And, this is what has happened with my husband.

Spain was going to election in March 2008. The ruling party, sensing its defeat due to the anti-incumbency mood of the electorate, raised the specter of terror attacks on its beautiful city of Barcelona. It achieved its purpose of winning the elections by flaunting the arrest of my husband as its efficiency in safeguarding the lives of Spaniards. Great governance! Rah-rah matador!

Howsoever mighty the Goliaths of governments maybe, with the meagre resources at our disposal, we shall, Insha Allah, demolish it by exposing the fabricated video evidence used to implicate my husband. Empires built on the ruins of people’s lives will surely rot and crumble one day. I pray to Allah for the early release of my husband and invoke his ire on the tormentors of Muslims.

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i now his men is innocent

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