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The world’s become a global village. That’s true of the virtual world. But, in reality, people and nations are far apart from each other. The old adage – when in Rome, do as the Romans do – holds true even today.

Here’s some travel advice that would help one avoid getting imprisoned as a terror suspect in Spain.

1. If you are coloured, use fairness cream a month before traveling.

2. Don’t stay in a locality inhabited by people from your region.

3. Don’t mingle with people from your side of the world or even ask for directions or a light; don’t give it either if asked for.

4. If you are from the Indian subcontinent, avoid wearing traditional, ethnic clothes. Wear western outfits.

5. Avoid your religious rituals in religious public places viz. mosque, temples etc. Perform it at your place of residence.

One may well ask what the bases of these suggestions are. Well, here it is; learnt the hard way.

Roshan Jamal Khan has a dark complexion. He did not use fairness cream before going to Spain to import olives.

He was staying in a locality that is inhabited by people from the Indian subcontinent.

Being friendly in demeanor, making acquaintances came naturally to him.

He usually wore “shalwar-kurta”.

One fine morning, he went to a mosque for the morning prayers. And, this was a grave mistake – hope Allah forgives me saying so. A mosque is not a wrong place to be neither is prayer time the wrong time. But, in the eyes of the Spainish police, Roshan was at the wrong place and at the wrong time.

Roshan Jamal Khan was detained after a raid on a mosque in Barcelona and has been languishing in jail since January 19, 2008. His crime - praying along side a few terror suspects who belonged to his side of the world.

Wish he had gone to a bar and chatted up a Spanish bimbo instead. When in Spain, do as the Spanish do.

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Anonymous said...

We have recently seen in Mumbai that terror does not always manifest itself as a bearded, dark complexioned, “shalwar-kurta” wearing entity. It also shows up as a clean-shaven, fair complexion back-packer in jeans and t-shirt. However much the West may try, it just cannot get rid of the colored glasses.

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