Barcelona Blight

2008 was a difficult year. 2009 looked promising. But, the promise did not last long. On 4th January, after spending the whole of Sunday at a friend’s computer customizing this blog, Talha – the eldest son of Roshan Jamal Khan who was detained in Barcelona, Spain – returned home in the evening to repair his own computer.

Working late till night in the cold weather combined together with the stress of getting his father released soon, took a heavy toll on Talha’s health. He experienced terrible spasms at around midnight. Rushed to a nearby hospital, he was admitted in the intensive coronary care unit. After the mandatory medical tests, the doctors are still not sure what went wrong with him.

Two days later, Talha was shifted from the ICCU to the general ward. Still in the hospital, with family and relatives worried, the focus has shifted from getting his father released to getting Talha recover his health.

Barcelona is such beautiful city that one never imagined that it could bring so much misfortune to anyone. May Allah help Talha to recover from his illness soon and end the streak of adversity facing his family.

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