Punished For Praying

Roshan Jamal Khan, after spending nearly two years in a Spanish prison, has been sentenced for 8 and a half years for praying in a mosque located in the Raval neighborhood of Barcelona, Spain ( BBC, CNN, El Pais, El Mundo ). There are no specific charges against Roshan Jamal Khan. Just the mere presence of his among unknown worshippers in the mosque has been held as enough evidence to hold him guilty of associating with terror.

The word of just one unknown witness – maybe imaginary – has been held as gospel truth to send Roshan to prison along with 10 people who were praying along side him in the mosque.

The family of Roshan Jamal Khan is shocked to know that the learned judges of the Spanish Court didn’t take the trouble to consider his background or his immediate past activities before sentencing him for associating with terror groups.

Trade with Spain has proved to be a risky venture for Roshan Jamal Khan who had gone there to explore trades in olives.

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