Travel to Spain - A Journey in Pain

Roshan Jamal Khan
Olive is associated with peace and milk with compassion. But, for Roshan Jamal Khan, an olive trader and a son of a milkman, there’s been no peace since he went to Spain in 2007 for importing olive oil and compassion has proved elusive.

The dreams of importing olive oil from Spain spilled over and human rights got imprisoned in solitary confinement when Roshan Jamal Khan was detained by the Spanish Police on January 19, 2008 during a raid on a mosque - New York Times.

A year in detention without trial has proved to be a journey in pain not only for Roshan but also for his family – his wife and six young children – far away in India. Impassioned pleas to the concerned authorities have been ineffective in getting the milk of human kindness to flow. Compassion was conspicuous by its absence throughout the year.

As the New Year is ushered in, let’s hope that compassion dawns and Roshan sees the light of freedom soon.


Mike said...

in my country, getting detained without trial is still prevalent despite the presence of a commission for human rights. it's all about the color of money.

SSS said...

It is almost TWO years since Roshan has been detained . Come on folks let us pray for his release and also celeberte the Day as a BARBARIC DAY and declare the Spanish Police as the Great INHUMANS

masroor said...

media and gov must do something....
y they r quite.. he is an india and he is held for no reason... buck up guyzz

Mehboob Khan said...

Thanks to all the commentators for the support. The Indian media has been very supportative. It is the Indian Government that has been callous in its attitude. But, then what can any common man can expect from a corrupt & venal government?

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